Here's the thing with having a full head of dreadlocs. Dreads can make you feel incredibly warm during the winter chill, but they'll have the very same effect in the summer heat. 

To remedy this seasonal problem, I tend to reach for my basket of printed turban wraps the minute temperatures  rise to the 70s or 80s. It's truly the best solution for getting my beloved locs out of the way; who wants a thick, heavy curtain of hair draping over their shoulders when the sun is at its warmest?

Turbans... They are the answer to everything.

Running late for an appointment and there's no time for an elaborate 'do? Whip out a turban. Bed head's got staying power past 7:30am? Whip out a turban. And if - like me - styling your hair can take forever, you better whip out that turban and wrap it as fast as you can.

This particular wrap has been my favourite for the past three years. It's a fairly bold print, but the basic colours and geometric pattern tends to work with everything in my closet. Makes for easy dressing, non?


Wearing: Jimmy Aboud The Textile King printed cotton; Tory Burch avaiators; American Apparel Shirtdress

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